About Lovely

Name: Lovely Brister

Age: 13

Favorite Color(s): Viridian and Violet

Favorite subjects: Math and History

Favorite anime: Bungo Stray Dogs, Mha, JJK

Hobbies: art, gaming


Favorite genre of music: indie and country music.

Favorite music artists: ALEC BENJAMIN, Arctic monkeys, and Halsey.

Favorite songs: Bad at Love, Shadow of Mine, 505

Favorite season: Fall and Spring

Sports/electives: Rowing/crew, Swim

What do I like about the teachers: I warmed up to them both really quickly, which is a first. It normally takes me a really long time.

Where is my mom’s family from: Tennessee

Where is my dad’s family from: Louisiana

What’s a talent you have that people don’t often know about: I’m a master at rubber duck claw machines (I have 10-15 of  the regular ones and 1 big one)

Do you have a small or big family?: I have 1 dad, 1 mom, 1 brother, like a million cousins (non-relative AND relative), 8 aunts/uncles, 5 living grandparents,, and like a bunch of other people I know are my relatives but don’t really know what exactly they are in relation to me.