Our Values

At Eagle Academy, we strive to REACH for a higher standard of education.


To have respect for myself and others in the classroom. To understand that a classroom is a sacred place for both student and educator for the purpose of growth. We at Eagle Academy aim to respect the importance of that relationship and preserve it day in and day out.


To encourage not only myself to achieve greater things, but to encourage others to achieve their highest potential. We believe at Eagle Academy that our greatest self is made possible only by holding ourself accountable and by challenging ourselves and others around us to be the best they can be.


To adapt to the world around me and to be prepared for the reality of uncertainty. At Eagle Academy, we understand the world is complex and is constantly changing. Therefore, it is vital to be able to remain flexible when faced with the challenge of change as it promotes critical thinking and success.  


To communicate our thoughts and needs in a way that is conducive to growth. Communication and clarity of speech is what allows for the greatness of others to take form in the world, and at Eagle Academy we hold that to be true and strive to be great communicators.


To honor the history and responsibility that comes with higher education. We at Eagle Academy acknowledge the role of advanced and specialized education that we play in the lives of others. In this same way the success of our students is strongly dependent on the community they are surrounded by and their ability to honor the student’s commitment to their education.