Eagle Academy is a private tutoring academy that functions as a private homeschool co-op. We believe in mentored education that aids in motivating students to be lifelong learners.

Eagle Academy came to fruition because of one mother’s concern about her kids’ educational development. After seeing Montessori methods and online classes both frustrate her kids, and with too many uncertainties in 2020 for the public school system, Erica Brister made the decision to hire specialized tutors who had ambition and vision. Together the three of them set out to recreate education.

Since then, more than 20+ families have benefited from visiting or enrolling in the academy, having received one-on-one attention in various areas of curriculum. Eagle Academy students have brought in homework from public schools, parents have brought in homeschool curriculum from their own preferred programs, and tutors have tailor-made curriculum at each student’s pace for those enrolled full-time.

In our two years we have learned that students thrive when given specialized attention and when they know they are cared for on an individualized level. When they are cared for, they feel more confident to try new things, and soar higher to overcome new challenges!

We look forward to seeing what the new school year will bring! If you want to be a part of it, contact us today!