Why Eagle Academy?

A private, enriching & attentive schoolhouse learning environment w/ individualized, tutored education.

Attentive tutors that instill confidence & knowledge with one-on-one, mentored education

Intimate learning environment, with up to 10 students in the classroom, ranging from 5th Grade—12th Grade

Academic curriculum, heightened engagement, accelerated activities that integrate interests

Mentored Education Beyond Expectation

About Eagle Academy

Eagle Academy is a private tutoring, developing academy. We believe in mentored education that aids in motivating students to be lifelong learners. Our mission is to provide students with education beyond expectations. By creating an enriching, attentive environment that supports individualized learning, including accelerated activities that integrate interests, students have a heightened engagement  that allows them to navigate confidently, both, in the classroom and in their community. Contact us today to inquire & learn more about Eagle Academy.